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Workshop on Interactive technologies that enhance children’s creativity

From design to fabrication

Creativity and imagination play a key role in human learning and children’s development. This workshop aims at promoting the discussion on interactive technologies that enhance children’s creativity. Questions of interest include, but are not limited to: what is creativity in the first place, and how to design, develop and evaluate technologies that enrich children’s expressive power, as well as abilities to think “laterally” (out of the box). We seek contribution on the design of tools that encourage young people to explore differently their environment, to capture their experience of the world, to crystallize and transform these occurrences in a creative way.

This full-day workshop will bring together researchers, designers, artists who share a common interest in understanding the challenges of designing technological tools and digitally-mediated environments to expand the creativity of young people.

Our motive for organizing the workshop stems from a joint desire to identify and explore innovative research trends, within the IDC community, on the design, development, and evaluation of mediating tools and interactive technologies that enrich today’s youngsters’ creative activity. We are looking for contributions that offer new perspectives on the “usual” dichotomies between: art versus sciences, high art versus pop culture, telling versus building, STEM versus STE(A)M.

The workshop will be the opportunity to draw the landscape about:

  • Different mediating tools, technologies and interaction paradigms for creativity and children (workshop, visit, iPad),
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches relevant to study creativity,
  • Diversity of creative youth “cultures” (children, teenagers, special needs, marginalized children worldwide),
  • The role of creativity to support global inclusion, particularly for marginalized children, worldwide,
  • Different contexts of creativity including formal and informal settings (museums, associations, informal learning situations, schools, fab labs),

Conditions for wide and long term sustainable use of mediational tools and technology in these settings (Museums or school, fab labs).

This workshop is partially supported by the LABEX Arts H2H

For a detailed description of the workshop scope and goals: IDC2013Inteactive tec creativity.pdf

Important Dates

March 25, 2013

Submission deadline for workshop position papers

April 19, 2013

Notification of acceptance for submitted position papers

April 29, 2013

Camera ready versions of accepted papers